Important message:

Dear BUXster,

We currently have many new customers who want to trade in bitcoin safely and easily with BUX. Perhaps this has also been a reason for you to open an account with us. That’s why we regret to share the following: unfortunately, we have to switch off the possibility to buy bitcoin for now.

Let us explain why that is. If a BUX customer buys bitcoin, our partner ayondo Markets hedges the risk by taking a position in bitcoin. ayondo’s position is so large in some cases that it cannot increase its position from a risk perspective. At the moment, we are looking for new trading venues where the risk can be covered, but this takes time.

Like you, we find the current situation extremely disappointing and we apologise for not being able to offer you the option to buy bitcoin. At the same time, risk management is our top priority, to minimise exposure to risk for both you and our company. If we cannot cover the risk of new positions, then we simply cannot allow for new positions to be opened.

As soon as it becomes possible to buy bitcoin again, we will update you on this. To avoid any disappointment, we’d like to forewarn you that any availability may be only temporary. 

The BUX Team


Opening hours

Bitcoin is open from Sunday 22:05 - Friday 22:00 GMT+1. The maximum multiplier is 3 and the maximum trade size is capped at 5000 EUR/GBP. Trading Bitcoin in the weekends is unavailable since we do not offer support at these times. It is very important that you keep this in mind, as the price for Bitcoin continues to move and be traded over the weekend. 

Great, but what about costs?

Fees for trading in Bitcoin are different than the ones we have for stocks, indices and currencies. Please take a look at our price list for a full overview here.

Not too sure about trading in 
Cryptocurrencies? Check out our blog for more information.

If you have any further questions in regards to this, please feel free to contact us via email at BUX Support.