All BUXsters can follow Channels. You can first check out what's being said in the Channel chat. If you like what you're reading you may decide to start following the Channel.

From that moment it's available on your Activity tab and you can receive notifications for all chat messages. Before you decide to follow the Channel you can also check the Channel details, such as the topics covered as written in the description, the Channel Owner and members. If you don't like what you're seeing you can decide to mute the Channel temporarily or permanently or decide to unfollow it.

Channel members can participate in the Channel Chat. They can either respond to a message, provide additional information or even disagree with the point made. The idea is that the Channel provides insightful information to its followers about trading related topics. And sometimes this is easier to do in a team than by oneself. The Channel Owner can determine its theme by choosing a Channel Title and adding a detailed description and picture.

Finally, it's important that the Channel Owner and members adhere to all the Channel guidelines. You can find these guidelines in the attachment. Keep in mind that the Channel Owner is always the responsible for adhering to these guidelines.

If there are any questions relating to the Channels, please don't hesitate to contact us on