To redeem your rewards you simply go to your Portfolio page by tapping the button with the percentage icon in the menu bar. You then need to tap “+ PROMOS”. Here you will see a list of the current promotions BUX is offering, a list of your possible redeemable rewards and a list of your rewards that are pending.

If you are a funBUX user, you will automatically be able to redeem your rewards from the ‘redeemable rewards’ section and the funBUX will be automatically added to your cash.

For seriousBUX users, things are a little different. You can only redeem your money reward to cover your trading fees. This means that if you have received £1 for sharing a winning trade, but you haven’t spent £1 in total trade fees yet, you will still see your reward in the “+ PROMOS” screen beneath “Rewards – Pending trading fees”. As soon as you’ve spent the required £1 on trading fees, a “Redeem” button will appear on the right next to your reward. Tap it and the £1 is added to your Cash balance; basically, it works like a “money back” function.

It is also worth noting that our system is set up so that customers must redeem their rewards in order from the day they were unlocked (shown on your promo screen from top to bottom). An example of this is that you are rewarded £5 for upgrading to seriousBUX and a day later rewarded £1 for winning a battle. With BUX you must first spend £5 in trade fees and redeem your £5 for upgrading before you are able to spend a further £1 to redeem your battle winnings.

If you have any further questions in regards to this, please feel free to contact us via email at BUX Support.