The return that you can achieve in a BUX Battle is calculated as follows:

At the beginning of a Battle, the app does 2 things:

  1. it fetches the total value of your invested amount + cash available;
  2. it resets the result of your trading portfolio to 0% as if your positions were opened at that moment.
Once the battle has started, the app calculates your return in percentage by comparing the original total value (point 1) with the absolute result (€/£) achieved by your trading positions (P&L)

For example: say that at the beginning of the Battle you hold two positions and that you have invested € 50 in each; also, your available cash at that moment is 50€ (this includes, by the way, your ring-fenced amount). 

In this example, the TOTAL VALUE you start with is 150€ (100€ invested amount  + 50€ available cash). 

As said in point 2, your portfolio starts with a 0 % result. Let's say that after 1 day from the beginning of the battle, your positions have a realized result of respectively + 0,50€ and - 0,25€. To calculate your return, the app takes the initial 150€ and compares this with the absolute total result obtained of + 0,25€ - the percentage result is 0,17%. 

Because of the above parameters, your total invested amount can never be higher than the total original value (point 1) at the beginning of the battle. This means that if you deposited extra money halfway a battle and invested that money, this would not count in the battle.

Another thing to consider is that if any time during the battle period a user moves a position to the investing tab, the position will no longer count towards the user's percentage for the remainder of the battle (even if the user moves the position back to the trading tab).

If you any further questions, feel free to contact us!